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Ask us about how we Partner with USA NEWS that gurantees each of our clients at least 1 Press Release Across 1,000+ News Sites every month
Ask us about how we Partner with USA NEWS that gurantees each of our clients at least 1 Press Release Across 1,000+ News Sites every month

The "Search Engine Landscape" in 2024

Fact: When People are looking for a service, they go to google and look for 
"[service] near me"
Here's what happens when they get there:

  • 10%-19% Click on the very top results, which always say "sponsored" next to them, because those are ads
  • 40-52% Click on the Google Local Map Pack
  • >30% Click on the results below the Map Pack (these are organic results, and this is where you end up if you are good at "traditional" SEO) 
  • >10% Go to page 2 and beyond
  • >10% leave without clicking on anything

The most valuable "real-estate" on Google in 2024 is the Local Map Pack

What Happens When I Rank On The Local Map Pack?

Our GMB Management Services Help your business: 

  • Strengthening your visibility on Google and across the web
  • Generate more leads and conversions
  • Foster better engagement with your audience
  • Elevate your online reputation
  • ​Improve your standing in local search rankings
  • Give you with a competitive edge
Capture Attention and Stand Out
The foundational elements of your Google listing are fundamental to your ranking potential. From essential factors to nuanced details, optimizing your GMB listing encompasses everything from selecting relevant categories to crafting a custom description and ensuring an accurate map pin location. Consider us your dedicated Google My Business partners, committed to maximizing your online presence.

Establish a Robust Profile
Harnessing and strategically optimizing all features of Google My Business is crucial for gaining a competitive edge. By utilizing every available feature provided by Google and ensuring their consistent maintenance—such as offering regular monthly photo updates—you provide your business with the leverage it needs to thrive.
Connect with customers
GMB listings serve as valuable platforms for showcasing your identity to customers. Your frequency of updates, engagement with customers, and demonstration of attentiveness all influence how you are perceived. Building positive relationships is key. Our GMB management services provide assistance in responding to reviews, addressing customer inquiries, and upholding a favorable reputation.
Proactive Reputation and Relationship Management Services
Google Reviews and Google Questions and Answers stand out as two of the most impactful features, given their prominent placement within your Google Profile. Elevate your approach by crafting a tailored review strategy that reflects your business values, fostering brand loyalty, and compelling searchers to become clients. Stay ahead of the curve by proactively addressing potential customers' queries through FAQ answers, ensuring no time is lost. These are just a few of the GMB optimization tactics we employ to propel your listing to the top.
Boost Your Rankings and Beyond
Our Google My Business management services are meticulously crafted to enhance both your SEO and GMB page, resulting in overall improved search outcomes. By optimizing your Google listing, you not only target key ranking factors for your online presence but also address off-page optimization techniques that are increasingly influential in today’s SEO landscape.
Increase Engagement With Your Audience with Dynamic Posts and Updates
Google Posts is a unique feature embedded within your Google listing, providing an avenue for crafting captivating posts showcasing current specials, events, new products, or services. These posts serve to distinguish your business and provide a platform for direct engagement with customers right in the search results. Specialists in GMB management can collaborate with you to curate compelling content and integrate all the necessary features and details, not only increasing engagement but also driving more business your way.

Did you know? 

Brands featured in Google's local 3-pack experience a significant 70% increase in clicks compared to those that don't appear.

What Makes Us Different
  • All of our strategies are completely 'organic' in nature, which means we don't run any paid ads... which is a big deal because customers don't trust anything that says "sponsored" on Google anymore
  • We specialize in getting local companies like yours ranked in their local map pack, which is where the majority of all searches for "[service] + near me" end up
  • We don't charge "per lead," "per website visit," or "per call." This means your rate is predictable month over month
  •  We provide exclusivity. Due to the nature of what we do, we can only work with one company in any given area. This means you get exclusivity, and as a result, you get a leg up on all your local competition
  • ​Our partnership with USA News allows us to do regular Press Releases across hundreds of news sites for our clients. These are amazing for quality backlinks, brand authority, and reputation building

How We Partner With USA News

With millions of monthly visits USA News is one of the largest and fastest growing news and entertainment sites in the world. Through our partnership with USA News we are able to get our clients 1 or more Press releases every single month, not only on USA News, but also on hundreds of their partner sites as well

But we aren't for everyone...
We focus on working exclusively with local brick-and-mortar and local service based businesses. This insures that we can provide the highest quality results to our clients.  

So coaches, consultants, digital marketers, influencers, and eCommerce companies, we love you... but we aren't going to be a good fit for your Google Strategies.
So what are you waiting for? 
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